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Letter from the Producer LIVE at TGS(Day 2) Q&A Session
The Binding Coil of Bahamut

Q. How many players have cleared this so far?
A. It has yet to be cleared! The world-first clearing of Turn 4 was accomplished by a group of adventurers from the Order of the Blue Gartr free company. Right now there are about four to five groups in Japan that have also cleared Turn 4 (as of 9/22/2013).
*The Order of the Blue Gartr is a famous progression guild from FINAL FANTASY XI.

Q. Were there more reports of groups clearing Turn 4 than you had expected?
A. We expected it to take players about three weeks to clear Turn 3, but Blue Gartr managed to clear it in two—a full week earlier than we predicted. We had anticipated a surge in the number of players taking on Turn 4 come the third week, and that's exactly how it worked out.

Q. Are you planning to add more to the Binding Coil of Bahamut after patch 2.1?
A. Additions to the Binding Coil of Bahamut will be made in patch 2.2. In patch 2.1, we’ll be introducing the Crystal Tower, and we’ll be alternating between updates for these two dungeons with every patch. Patch 2.2 will be the Coil, patch 2.3 will be the Tower, and so on.

Q. Currently, progression resets every week on Tuesday (JST), but do you have any plans to reduce this time so it’s easier to go with others to help out?
A. Each turn in the Binding Coil of Bahamut has a boss, and when this monster is defeated your progress will be saved. This save will be maintained for seven days, after which it will be reset so you cannot keep doing the same turn over and over again. For the moment, we have no plans of changing the way this works.

Q. The way it's currently designed, you have to designate players with the most progress as leader. Are there any plans to change this?
A. We'll take a look at how players are faring and discuss how progress should be saved.

Q. You mentioned that difficulty will be eased with patches, but will these difficulty adjustments occur through the introduction of more powerful gear, or will you actually lower the content difficulty itself?
A.We plan on easing the difficulty via something similar to the Echo enhancement granted during main quest battles.

Crystal Tower

Q. How are the Binding Coil of Bahamut and Crystal Tower different?
A. Even with the release of patch 2.1, the Binding Coil of Bahamut will be the hardest content in the game. The Crystal Tower will be more casual, as it can also be accessed via the Duty Finder.

Q. Please tell us how the party list will look when you’re in a 24-person party.
A. As there are a lot of people playing on the PS3, we’ve worked to create a special list that won't clutter the screen.

Q. How will the roles be divided for a 24-person party?
A. There will be three sets of regular eight person parties comprised of 2 tanks, 4 DPS, and 2 healers.

Q. Will each of the encounters be with all 24 people?
A. There will be situations when you fight large bosses with all 24 members. Within the dungeon there are three large tablets and three branching paths…but I don’t think I can say any more than that for now.

Q. How long will a single run be?
A. We're anticipating somewhere between 90 to 120 minutes.

Q. You mentioned that in patch 2.1 there will be item level requirements for accessing content, but what will the requirement be for Crystal Tower?
A. We don’t plan on making it as high as the Binding Coil of Bahamut. We’re thinking about having a relic weapon be required.

Q. Tell us about the drops and rewards for clearing it.
A. If you have a FFIII strategy guide handy, you may want to look at the strongest items you can find there.

Q. Will there be any musical arrangements based on FFIII in the Crystal Tower?
A. All the music is finished, but you'll have to wait to find out. I think the Crystal Tower will be a very nostalgic experience for you all, and sound director Soken has created amazing songs for it.


Q. In the housing video, the exterior of each of the buildings changes, but are these all parts that can be swapped in and out?
A. Small, medium, and large houses will all have 5 basic types of houses to choose from. After that, you can change the color of the outside walls, door, windows, roof, roof material, chimney, weather vane, and fencing. For the inside, we've prepared a wide assortment of furniture items, as well as a number of furnishings with a very Final Fantasy feel to them. Naturally, the art team has designed each item to fit the setting of Eorzea. Giving players a chance to really live in Eorzea through housing, we look forward to showing players that FFXIV is about more than just fighting.

Q. Will the areas where we build houses be determined by Grand Company affiliation?
A. Not at all. You'll be able to build a house in whichever housing area you like.

Q. How much will it cost to purchase land and a house?
A. I know you're all dying to know, but unfortunately the pricing for small, medium sized, and large houses is still undecided. We understand this makes it difficult to save up for a house, but first we'd like to get more gil circulating in the market. We will finalize prices after taking a look at the economy just before patch 2.1. We apologize for making you wait until the very last minute.

Q. We know free company housing will come first, but when are you planning to introduce individual player housing?
A. We would like to introduce this as soon as possible, and will be monitoring server conditions along with your feedback as we decide on the proper timing.

Q. Please tell us what we can do with individual player housing. Can we set our minions to play around the house? Can we make greenhouses and fields?
A. Through updates, we're planning to make it possible for players to grow gysahl greens and hatch baby chocobos and raise them. Also, we’re planning underground workshops where crafters can build boats and airships.

Q. Will anyone from the free company be able to arrange furniture in the house?
A. This will depend on the authority given to free company members.

Q. Will gil be the only way to purchase free company housing?
A. Our initial plan is for players to use gil. We will consider other methods as we monitor the economy on each server, but this is something we'd like to discuss thoroughly before reaching a decision.

Q. Will players have access to market boards, retainers, and NPC vendors from within the housing areas or their house?
A. We are planning to let players place shops similar to those you’d find in towns in their houses and hire NPCs to manage them. Also, it will be possible to setup stands outside of your house and hire free company retainers to sell items for you. The entire housing area is going to become one huge market.

Q. We understand that furniture can be crafted, but, will all crafter classes be able to get involved?
A. Culinarians, for example, will be able to cook dishes to adorn tables, gatherers will supply materials needed for crafting, and Disciples of War and Magic will find rare items from enemies used to make unique decorative items. There will be something for everyone to do.

The Wolves’ Den

Q.I'm worried there will be a disparity in strength between players who are friends fighting in pre-made teams and those who team up randomly using the Duty Finder. How will this be handled?
A. They will be matched with similar people. Players in pre-made teams will be matched with other pre-made teams, and those who sign up randomly will play with others who choose to join a random match.

Q. Exactly what will PvP-specific skills entail?
A. There will be abilities you can use to immediately recover from Sleep, Bind, or other enfeeblement effects cast on you, and also passive traits that will reduce the duration of sleep effects. We will also expand these skills moving forward, as they can be used during the Front Lines PvP planned for the future.

Q.Are there any plans for one-on-one matches in the open world?
A. I understand the desire for an easy way to test your skills against other players, but we'd like to restrict this type of combat to housing areas.

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