Neoray The AFK King replied

262 weeks ago

Hello everyone it's been awhile since I've update the front page news with cool shit so here we go.

as the free company slowly is striving to get better and better, we have mange to get over 35 people Relic and hopefully getting more people thanks to help of members like Cntrl, Cerene and Eldonia. More and more we're coming to the point where can get teams going to coil and beating the turns and getting nice loot while at it. Currently we have about 3 teams running or about the run Coil, one of those is already at turn 2 while another is not to far behind.

This is setting us up to be strong enough for the 24 mans, leadership is currently trying to organize in order for us to get ready for big things like this, while the task at hand is quite hard we're pushing through and ironing out the wrinkles. Hopefully by the time crystal tower rolls around we're ready to go and easily get in there with 24 ready people.

Also I would like to thank Ithorien for the awesome new banner.

Nicodemus Bell replied

262 weeks ago

I will be there as soon as world transfers are up!!! I promise!
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