Neoray The AFK King replied

261 weeks ago

Last quest for GC Promotion changed from AK to AV
Reduce ferry and airship fee
Increase number of server instances for AK and WP
Increase ToP gained from AK and WP
Increase ToM gained from WP, Garuda HM, Titan HM
Trash mobs in WP, AK, CM, Prae will drop some gils
Change position of trash mobs in CM, WP
Increase number of Fleece drop mobs in CCH (dragonhead map)
Increase exp of gathering classes after lv 16
Own debuff/buff will always be on the most left
Cannot create more than 8 characters per day per service account (prevent RMT stuff?)

Full Patch Note : (from /u/dmnthia )
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