Hero of Carpe Diem is a Free Company that was formed not long after the FFXI launch. It is the longest standing linkshell on the Shiva server, and is still running today. Some of our members also play endgame WoW on the Skywall server, and RIFT. A handful of us have decided to move on to FFXIV to establish a linkshell. We have proven time and time again that we can be in the top and hope to stay that way.

We are a Event Free Company that is always looking for good people. Most of our members have all end game experience from Ifirit, to AV in 1.0. Our Free Company is a mix of other linkshells and guilds from other games, and is currently one of the most active FC in the server.

What is required is the following

read our Introduction and Rule page here:

1. must be from the Shiva Server in FFXI
2. Must be a friend (Family) of one of our members in HoCD
3. A former member of HoCD (WoW, XIV)
4. Special invite from the Free Company leader.
5. Or have the Voice of Morgan Freeman

All classes/jobs are welcome
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.