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Now you're wondering to yourself, why am in this website? It's either Spying on us or you're interested in joining us! Well, let's hope you're interested in joining us.

Hero of Carpe Diem is a long standing linkshell/guild that has span over many games and lasted over 10 years, originally developed on the Shiva server in FFXI. Our goal and commitment is to bring people from all over the world and develop close friendships with each other. This has always been our goal. Though through many transformations this LS has been through, HoCD has been a long standing linkshell since the start of FFXIV.

Our members are friendly and though have a rich history with HoCD they always welcome people with open arms as long you're open to them. We have all experience end-game and know how tough it is when things aren't going right. We're always an extremely Chatty linkshell, and enjoy people who love to chat and see how their day was. Our facebook connections has over 100 members spanning many different games and soon after a long hiatus will be active for ARR.

We want to make sure our linkshell is right for you so please, continue read about our Linkshell goals and rules.

Our Goals

The mission of this LS/FC is to be able to do events and have fun as a team. We pride ourselves in being a drama free LS.

The goals for the LS are as follows:
#1. To prepare all LS members for end game in ARR
#2. To get members to have several lvl 50 jobs
#3. To be able to do regular scheduled events at least 3-4 time a week
#4. Ongoing recruitment of medium and high level players
#5. To establish ourselves as a popular NA LS
#6. To maintain our presence as a drama free LS

General Rules

The general rules we have at this time are:

1. Act respectfully to the other members of the linkshell, and outside of the LS. If some problem arises, please contact a Free Company Sackholder (Tiny Dog, Errn Franzia, Slayn Wilder) or a LS Leader (Neorei. Dawnbreaker) to help with a solution.

2. If you sign up for the event, go to it. When an event (AF, Missions or even Endgame Stuff) is organized, if you plan to go, please sign up on the event section on the forums. Also, please show up on time and be on top of your game. If you need to AFK during an event, please make sure you say something before you leave.

3. Use the Website and check daily FCMES. the website is the best way for the leadership of the linkshell to give out the word on what's going on with the linkshell. THe FCMES will update you on daily events we plan on doing.

4. Event we do Stuff together, please get on vent. This is the best and most precise way for us to communicate with each other. Using Vent will help us move forward with content.

5. If you're planning on taking a break or going inactive for a long time, please let leadership know. Thing we hate is building up a nice big FC only to see 15 people in a 98 manned LS. We may drop you from the compnay so we can maintain a strong Offline/Online ratio with our FC list.

6. FC/LS chat, people in the linkshell have thick skin, so stuff will fly, our member maybe crude and blunt but they're all good people. One thing is Religous and Political chat is banned in the LS, and if you want to be rebellious and keep talking about it, we have all rights to boot you.

7. Help out people in the linkshell. That is all i ask, maybe other members are busy doing something else or have other things to attend to, but you're standing around looking at the screen while another LS member needs help, help them. This helps you forge a good bond with your other members.

HOCD has been around for 10 years and we have a solid history of being successful LS. Ensuring that these rules are followed will give us hope that we will be here for 10 more.

if you're interest in joining us go ahead and apply here :)

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