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I'm fairly slow on the uptake on these kinds of things, and I didn't even notice this until I was rewatching the cutscenes of To Kill a Raven.

After the first phase, Darnus invokes upon Dalamud to give him power. Dalamud responds by doing so, and Darnus begins his transformation. Not really physically different, save for his radiating red aura, one thing now stands out.

His name.

He goes from Nael Van Darnus, Van being a symbol of nobility to Nael Deus Darnus.

Deus, according to the magic of Google, is Latin for "God", "Diety" or "Divine".

This would mean that Dalamud provided Darnus with some sort of Godly or Divine power. Fairly obvious from how he worships Dalamud, but the curious thing is, in the world of FFXIV, the patron gods are the Twelve.

This leads to one of two theories:

Either one of the Twelve provided Darnus with his power or there is a thirteenth god that we have not been made aware of.

Now, in the GC mission "United We Stand", Darnus refers to Dalamud as "Him."

Ruling out Nophica, Halone, Llymlaen, Azeyma, Nymeia and Menphina being female deities, this leaves us with Nald'thal, Oschon, Althyk, Thaliak, Rhalgr, and Byregot as potential deviant gods.

Now, recently there have been sightings of the new "God Stones" that have a symbol of one of the Twelve on each. Using a map created by Duuude007:

A poster named Punainen states later in the thread that they form a rough circle (as viewed from the individual region maps). As she stated, this could be pure coincidence. However, in the spirit of speculation, let's assume they DO form a circle of sorts. Who is in the middle?


And where is this symbol located?

Mor Dhona, and the central location where the Crystal Tower is theorized to be located, or an area otherwise connected to Dalamud and Darnus in some way.

Now…who is representing Thaliak currently?

Louisoux is known for providing us the means of confronting the Primals, a goal both the Empire and Darnus shared. The purpose was to return the Aether from the Primals back to the land.

But as we see with Garuda, the Primal being defeated didn't return the Aether to the land, but rather that power was absorbed by Dalamud. Therefore, we can assume on a hypothetical level that Dalamud contains the power of Ifrit and Garuda, or more specifically, the Primals.

Now what if the power of the Primals is shared, and the defeat of one strengthens another? The power of Garuda and Ifrit would be fed into whatever is housed in Dalamud, and if that power is Primal based, that would mean a Primal either resides or is imprisoned within the Crimson Moon, or that the overall power of said Primal is contained within.

So…why would Louisoux have us do these things if it fed Dalamud, which shares a connection with the crystal area in Mor Dhona that bears the symbol of Thaliak, the selfsame symbol present on Louisoux's staff?

Furthermore, what EXACTLY is Louisoux doing in the 2.0 teaser trailers. He's shielding us, sure enough, from the calamity of Dalamud. It's also shown that he does something to us to remove us from the battle.

Is this to save us or to prevent us from interfering?

I figured that we haven't really had any reason not to trust Louisoux and his circle of knowing, yet idle speculation has led to theories, conspiracies and more.

Certainly, all our questions will be answered soon…

Credits for images from other threads: D3AFN3SS1337, Duuude007, DhalmelAlerith;782340

Slayn Wilder Absolute Virtue replied

310 weeks ago

love the theory crafting behind this, because it very well could be on almost every aspect of the mor dhona aether crystal and loui, curious to see where its gonna go from here thats for sure

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