Allyssa Blackhand Heroes replied

269 weeks ago

I can't keep track of everyone's old ffxi and new ffxiv names. Can we get a sticky with everyones old name and server and new names. This way I don't reply to every whisper with: Who the heck is this?

I can start the list:

  • FFXIV | FFXI - Server
  • Allyssa Blackhand | Allyssa - Shiva
  • Niobe Blackhand | Niobe - Shiva
  • Neorei Dawnbreaker | Neorei - Shiva
  • Karaha Baruha | Darii - Shiva

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Neoray The AFK King replied

269 weeks ago

Neorei Dawnbreaker - Neorei, shiva

Karaha Baruha Heroes replied

269 weeks ago

FFXI: Darii (Shiva)
FFXIV: Karaha Baruha

Buffy Heroes replied

268 weeks ago

FFXI: Buffylvr (Shiva), Buffy (Slyph)
FFXIV: Lamia Trucido (Excalibur, Hyperion)

Nitrous replied

268 weeks ago

^ - that's me

Slayn Wilder Absolute Virtue replied

268 weeks ago

FFXI: Slaynwilder/Tizan/Greygilbert(leviathan
FFXIV Slayn Wilder, Mai Wilder
Wifes FFXI: Arsinoe(Leviathan)
Wifes FFXIV: Arsi Wilder
Personal cannon fodder FFXI: Merlinn(Leviathan)
PCF FFXIV: Raistlin Caramon

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Maxx Meridius Heroes replied

267 weeks ago

Slim Shady = Kramer (FFXI Shiva)

Damie Primalia Heroes replied

267 weeks ago

FFXI: Damie/Denison/Junks, Hades/Carbuncle Servers
FFXIV: Damie Primalia

Errn Absolute Virtue replied

267 weeks ago

Oh shit sorry Ally I didn't see you start this!!!
I'm gonna MM me some O's.

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Splat replied

242 weeks ago

Sorry to butt in on your forum, but were you called just Carpe Diem in XI?
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