yaroth Heroes replied

222 weeks ago

Hey guys,
Just wanted to start a post to get everyone's username for anything doesn't matter what. XLive, PSN, FriendCode for WiiU/3DS that sorta stuff.

My 3DS code is 2363-5670-4329

Post yours!

Cerene Fuyutsuki Absolute Virtue replied

222 weeks ago

Nintendo 1418 6776 9751

Xbl KaotikcerenityX

Psn Kaotikcerenity

Neoray The AFK King replied

222 weeks ago

xbox Neorei

PSN Neoreii

WIIU Neorei

steam Neorei

3ds 4055 27180 7564

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Slayn Wilder Absolute Virtue replied

222 weeks ago

xbox Slayn Wilder
PSN Slayn_W
Thats about it, til I get the WiiU

Tinydog Absolute Virtue replied

221 weeks ago

PSN: tinydog18
Wii U: tinydog
steam: tinydog
3ds: 4227- 2099 - 2442

Jade Okami Heroes replied

221 weeks ago

PSN: Voodoo1031

Tinydog Absolute Virtue replied

220 weeks ago

added you wii u people to 3ds and wii u just send one back at me.

Woody Woodpecker Heroes replied

220 weeks ago

Careful on the Wii-U or 3DS as my kids use them.

3DS : 0018-1012-3777
Wii U : C000kieMonstar (zeros)
PSN : Jasonbarker1981
Xbox : Jasonbarker1981
Xbox : Rekrab
Steam : Wabbitkillar
Steam : c000kiemonstar
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