Neoray The AFK King replied

256 weeks ago

Hey guy, just crunching stuff down from the live letter into easy format, based on what was said.
Existing iLevel changes
Allagan gear and/or weapons going to iLevel 95.
Possibly Myth Gear/Relic +1 weapon as well, sources vary.
AK being reduced slightly in difficulty and possibly iLevel to match WP more closely.
Extreme Primals
Must have completed Titan HM to access
Minimum iLevel of 70 to enter.
Quested iLevel 90 Weapon for completion of all three.
Furniture material drops (different from HM drops).
Some other drops, Yoshi P didn't want to specify, but said it was something you could 'brag about'.
Unknown weather they will label/tune it as a Hard or Extreme Fight.
Unknown drops/etc.
Pharos Sirius
iLevel 50 Minimum (AF Gear).
iLevel 60 loot
Hard Mode Haukke Manor & Coperbell Mines
iLevel 50 Minimum (AF Gear).
iLevel 60 loot
Map/Route, Boss, and Mechanics changes between Normal & Hard modes.
Moggle Mog
iLevel 80 Weapons
Difficulty somewhere around/above Garuda HM.
Crystal Tower
Minimum iLevel 60.
iLevel 80 loot.
3 Chests per boss, 1 per party (individual party loot pools).
Duty Roulette
Tome bonus for random dungeon in each category.
In the live letter, tome bonus was ~200 philo, ~10 myth.
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