Mee Larks Heroes replied

235 weeks ago

I'll be putting together a new static, titled "Teamwork". We will be running on Thursdays at 8:00PM EST. While coil may be a target, the main goal will be to help members of the group accomplish their personal in-game goals.

1. Members must have access to the groupme app via smartphone. Members will submit their goals through groupme.
2. Members must have access to vent.
3. The static will consist of players with the following main jobs: PLD, WAR, WHM, SCH, BRD, BLM, SMN and 1 melee dps (DRG or MNK). Members may change to secondary jobs with the approval of the member who posted the goal.
4. Completion goals (ie: clear Titan, clear T5) may not extend past the duty's regular completion time.
5. Farming goals (ie: farm T4 for caster pants, farm brayflox for myth) may not extend 3 runs, whether the duty is completed or not.
6. Member goals will be attempted on a "first come, first served" basis. Each member may only post one goal at a time. Goals that are not accomplished can be resubmitted but the goal will be placed at the end of the goal queue.
7. If a member posts a goal that is not unlocked by other members (Clear Ifrit, but 1 or more members haven't defeated Titan), party members will do their best to unlock it before Thursday. If however, party members are not able to unlock it by Thursday, the goal will be replaced with the prerequisite and the previous goal will be placed at the end of the goal queue.
8. Members must be willing to be online on Thursdays from 8:00PM-11:00PM. Members must give 2 hours notice via groupme if they cannot attend. Members who miss without notification or miss 3 times with notification may be kicked from the static through majority vote from the other 7 members.
9. If any member feels that another member is unable to perform due to lag and/or ability, they may make an anonymous request to the leader, "Mee Larks" and a vote will be taken. A majority vote of the other 7 party members to kick the "under-performing" member must take place for a kick to be made.

Please send an in-game tell or mog mail to "Mee Larks" if you are interested in joining.

Current party makeup:
SCH - Mee Larks
SMN - Ish
Melee - Fen (DRG)

Asroma replied

235 weeks ago

I would be BLM or BRD
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